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How It Works

UK's Leading Brokers

To protect our customers, we only work with the UK's leading brokers and established equity release providers. This helps to ensure that you will receive a high-quality, transparent service from respected companies.

Almost £11 million of property wealth is unlocked by UK homeowners aged 55+ every single day!

Equity release continues to gain in popularity, and that trend looks set to continue. If you're looking to supplement your retirement or need a cash boost, then releasing money from your property through equity release could be a good option. At EquityReleaseZone, we can assist via our free equity release caclulator and by introducing you to a broker who can offer you advice and compare your options for you.

How much cash could I release?

The easiest way to find out is by using our Equity Release Calculator.

The amount of cash you will get depends on your age, any health conditions you may have, and the value of your property.

Our calculator will also show if you are eligible for equity release. An advisor can then find out your specific circumstances to find you a suitable deal.